My Zero Up Experience: A Reflection by Mike K.

Oct 9, 2018 | Student Review

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When introduced to the idea of taking the Zero Up™ course as part of my summer internship, my initial feelings toward it were mostly positive, however, I knew it was going to be a long process. The thought of watching 100+ hours of video about starting an online business while taking notes and reflecting at a time when I wasn’t ready to start my own business seemed daunting, and quite honestly, a little boring. The upside was truly learning how to create a successful online company, and the downside was being overwhelmed by the information I wouldn’t be able to use for a long time.

Going through Module 1 provided a sense of relief, due to the fact that Fred seemed like an easy going guy who really knew what he was talking about. Not even halfway through the module, I was hooked; Fred made creating a unique, personalized e-commerce platform look both fun and extremely realistic. His step-by-step demonstrations and lessons were easy to follow, and it was almost like a cheat code for starting my own online business. I honestly felt like anyone at all could follow what Fred was demonstrating and successfully create their own business. It was during this module where I truly understood the meaning behind the brand Zero Up; no matter your situation in life, this course can give you both an education and an opportunity to become successful.

At the conclusion of the first module, I felt confident in my ability to create my storefront and business, but I wasn’t ready to actually operate it and start making money. This is where Module 2 comes in handy. During this portion of the course, Fred informs you exactly how to perform his highly-praised concept of inventory arbitrage, which seems confusing at first, but as you listen to Fred, it all begins to make perfect sense. Fred continues to demonstrate exactly how to perform inventory arbitration using AliExpress, and it was at this moment where I REALLY felt confident in my ability to create my own online business. During the first module, I kept thinking to myself, “This seems cool, but how the heck do I get someone to make a product for me? Do I actually have to invent something?” The module showed me that the answer to that is: Nope. Fred teaches you how to use AliExpress to buy products in your niche at a cheap price through their online vendors, then mark up the price and sell it on your website for a profit. This process has become very popular within many Fortune 500 companies, and Fred shows you the simplified version of how you can do it for your own store.

The first modules did a great job of grabbing my interest and getting me excited. The later modules started getting into the nitty-gritty of all the work that has to be done in order for you to be a success. These last modules just might be the most valuable part of the course as Fred walks you through it all step-by-step.

Once your storefront and business are up and running, you can’t just leave it alone and expect to start raking in the money. There are things you have to do to be successful and Fred dives into all of it including customer service, sales funnels, target advertisements, social media presence, etc. In these later modules, your business becomes a lot more than just a customized storefront, which can definitely intimidate those with little to no experience (Example: Me). Learning how to operate your company after initial success is an area in which I had no education on and they rarely teach you in school, and after listening to Fred’s lessons and demonstrations, I feel I have a good understanding of how to do so. Watching him implement sales funnels, targeted advertisements, and other strategies into his own business was an awesome way to understand how to implement it all into my own.

Do I recommend Zero Up?

For anyone who is interested in creating their own opportunity in life, feels they cannot get a great job due to lack of formal education or wants to venture out of their comfort zone to learn new information, I 100% recommend taking this course. Not only did Zero Up teach me the ins and outs of creating and sustaining a successful e-commerce business, but the course also injected confidence in me to do so as well. Seriously, Fred completely convinced me that I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur and the driver toward my personal success in life. As I stated throughout this course, there is no formal education needed as a prerequisite to this course. You can be a blank slate at the beginning of this course, and come out a new person, educated with the essential information needed to successfully create and operate your business — and ultimately make a lot of money. Throughout this journey, I truly feel I got smarter, more creative, and more confident in my abilities to be successful. I am glad to be apart of the Zero Up community.

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